MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


By:  Joe Biden, Jr.
Date: April 12, 2012
Location: Unknown


SCHULTZ: Mr. Vice President, thanks for your time.

BIDEN: Yes, it`s great to be here with you. I`m a fan.

SCHULTZ: Thank you.
My head explodes when I hear, you can`t raise taxes on the job
creators. What goes through your mind when you hear that?

BIDEN: What goes through my mind is where in the heck have these guys
been? That was the same argument sitting on the Senate floor listening to
George Bush make when he put that God-awful tax cut through for the super-
wealthy without paying it. They were going to create jobs. What happened?
A slower job growth than any time in 50 years once that passed.

SCHULTZ: Do you think this is an instant replay?

BIDEN: This is an instant replay, man. And I don`t know -- I mean,
they talk about out of touch. Haven`t they seen this movie? I mean, what
makes anybody think -- look, all this does, these God-awful additional tax
cuts that Romney wants to put in there, another $250,000 a year tax cut for
the average person making over 1 million bucks on top of the Bush tax cuts,
$800 billion over the next 10 years?

SCHULTZ: He can`t do it.

BIDEN: He can`t do it. We can`t afford if.

SCHULTZ: It won`t work.

BIDEN: By the way, it doesn`t work. If we want to incentivize
businesses, we should be giving tax breaks to the innovators, we should be
giving tax breaks, making the R&D tax cut permanent, investing in new high-
tech manufacturing capabilities, alternative energy.


SCHULTZ: The middle class understands the unfairness of our current
tax system, according to the vice president. Millionaires and billionaires
understand it, too.


SCHULTZ: A White House campaign staff member told me yesterday that
67 percent of the American people want the wealthy to pay more. Do you
believe that number and do you think that people are with you on that?

BIDEN: I absolutely -- I believe -- the wealthy -- look, I come from
a wealthy state of Delaware. And I got elected seven times as United
States senator being a progressive, and I never once engaged in the so-
called class warfare. But because I found out and you know as well as I
do, wealthy people are just as patriotic as poor people. They are just as
patriotic as middle class people.

SCHULTZ: You said today they are ready to do more.

BIDEN: They are ready to do more. I remember taking a look at a poll
when we were trying to get the jobs bill passed. And we said, in order to
put 400,000 teachers and teacher aides back to work in about 15,000 to
20,000 firefighters and cops, all you had to do was raise five tenths of
one percent the tax on the first dollar millionaire made after the first
million, and I remember the polls showing millionaires, a majority of
millionaires supported that.
So I just think these guys -- I just -- I think the American public is
ready to step up and do their fair share, including millionaires.


SCHULTZ: I also spoke to the vice president today about the
challenges of a presidential election in a post-Citizens United world.


SCHULTZ: Citizens United, there`s a very good chance that the Obama
campaign won`t match the money that`s going to be raised by the super PACs.
And the template may be being played out in Wisconsin about boots on the
ground, social networking. How important is that recall for the confidence
of the country that people want their government and want to have a voice?

BIDEN: In a sense, I think, it`s already been accomplished. It`s
already given confidence when here you had an overwhelming percentage of
the people of Wisconsin to say we should have a recall vote. It almost at
this point doesn`t matter who wins the vote. It matters.


BIDEN: But the point has been made, it wasn`t just Democrats. It
wasn`t just union members who voted for that. In order to get to the
numbers they had, if my recollection is correct, as many people who voted
in that voted for the governor, the previous election, saying there should
be a recall election. And that is people standing up.

SCHULTZ: Is this the template?

BIDEN: This is the template.


BIDEN: I just got finished talking to our volunteers. There is only
one real anecdote to what is expected to be the hundreds and millions of
dollars spent carpet bombing the president -- primarily me, too -- but I
mean, the president is the guy they are probably going to go after because
he`s the leader. He`s the boss.
And I said, there`s only one anecdote. It`s your next door neighbor
knocking on your door saying, I know these guys. Let me tell you, Ed, they
are good men. This is -- that`s not true what you just heard. That`s why
we need more people.
Barack Obama in his last campaign had the best organized campaign in
the history of modern presidential politics, put more troops on the ground.
The anecdote to their millions of dollars in negative advertising is people
-- people on the ground. And so I think and I believe we will have the
best ground game in the history of American presidential politics. That`s


SCHULTZ: The Obama campaign appears to be laser focused on the middle
class. They want to draw a clear distinction between where President Obama
wants to go and where the Romney camp wants to go. The Obama team is
leaning on this message of economic fairness. The question is, will it
play? They think it`s going to be a home run.
Vice President Biden says the American people do get it. Will Mitt
Romney get it and get with the middle class before November? That`s the
big question. We`ll have a lot more.


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