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Issue Position: Economy

Issue Position

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I'm going to Washington to stop the government from adversely interfering with the economy and businesses.

The role of government is to create the environment by which businesses can thrive, not to "create" jobs, or to become the largest employer in our country.

Entrepreneurship is part of the American spirit, and once entrepreneurs and small business owners see a reduction in government interference, overregulation and the Repeal of Obamacare, which is creating great uncertainty for businesses, they will once again put their capital to work by hiring new employees, buying equipment, and growing their businesses.

Government spending, increased regulation and stimulus plans will never be the answer. We have already borne witness to the failures of an $800 billion stimulus plan that promised to bring unemployment to below 8%, but now it is greater than 10% in the State of Florida, and more than 9% nationally.

Here are some tangible ways in which the federal government can help get the country moving in the right direction:

Repeal Obamacare
Simplify the U.S. Tax Code
Cut the Payroll Tax
Extend 2001/2003 Small business Tax Cuts
Cut the Corporate Tax Rate
Cut the Death Tax
Eliminate unfair tax loopholes

Offer Manufacturing Tax incentives to attract manufacturing back to U.S.
Create more Free Trade Agreements such as the ones under consideration with Colombia, Panama and South Korea. These agreements will be a boon to our nation and have significant potential for the residents of South Florida.

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