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Franks Decries Obama Hypocrisy on Judicial Activism


Location: Washington, DC

Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Constitution, Congressman Trent Franks (AZ-02), commented today on President Obama's recent Rose Garden remarks on judicial activism:

"Liberal Democrat Presidents, of which Barack Obama is one, have done for judicial activism what Stonehenge did for rocks. Indeed, without judicial activism and blatant constitutional overreach, the left would have almost no policy precedence to hold up to the world.

"Far left judicial activists are the only appointments Barack Obama has made to the Supreme Court. For him now to attempt to preempt and intimidate the Court from protecting the most basic kind of American freedom by accusing them of judicial activism is an arrogant hypocrisy that should take America's breath away.

"If the Supreme Court upholds, as fully constitutional, the ObamaCare mandate requiring all American citizens to buy government prescribed and controlled healthcare management, both the Constitution and American freedom itself will be fundamentally abrogated, and left-wing governments like the Obama administration will then be completely unfettered to force Americans to do almost anything."

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