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Governor Perdue Asks North Carolinians to Vote Against Amendment One

Press Release

Location: Charlotte, NC

"Our constitution is for guaranteeing rights, not taking them away," Gov. Perdue said. "And no matter what religious or moral background you come from, no one has the right to put discrimination of any kind into our constitution."

Gov. Perdue, delivering a speech to the Women's Summit at UNC Charlotte, urged North Carolinians to vote against the measure. She has previously stated her opposition to the amendment.

In her remarks, she emphasized how Amendment One could erase domestic violence protections for all women in North Carolina and that this move follows the General Assembly's intrusion into women's rights by passing a law, over the Governor's veto, dictating what doctors will tell their patients. Republican legislative leaders also have trampled on North Carolina's constitutional guarantee to a sound education by making deep and unnecessary cuts to schools, community colleges and universities.

Instead of using the Constitution to protect rights and values, the legislature is trying to strip them away through Amendment One, Gov. Perdue said. The amendment will hurt businesses and families through a cascade of unintended consequences, she said.

"It could change the laws that determine outcomes like emergency financial decisions, hospital visitation rights and child custody laws," Gov. Perdue said. "And it could take away domestic violence protections for all unmarried women in the state of North Carolina. So on May 8th, I'll be voting against amendment one and I hope you'll join me."

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