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Issue Position: Radical Islam

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THE THREAT to a free world and the advancement of American values and the right to live free(ly) is in grave danger from Radical Islam. For decades Western democracies co-existed with Islamic countries. In the early part of the 18th Century, the rulers of Saudi Arabia came, through marriage, under the influence of a strict sect of Islam called Wahhabism. In 1938 with the discovery of huge quantities of oil, the Saudi' Royal family, under the House Of Saud, began to amass a huge fortune with which it began to export it's Wahhabist views.

When the Muslim Brotherhood was banned in various Middle Eastern countries, Saudi Arabia gave refuge to Brotherhood exiles. Saudi lay people, government officials and clerics have donated many tens of millions of US dollars to create religious schools, newspapers and outreach organizations.

Wahhabist schools now "educate" their "students" in fundamentalistic Islam. This form of "religion" inculcates children from the age of 5 to hate everything Western--and preaches killing anyone who does not believe in Allah and his Prophet, Mohammed. Nothing else is taught in these "schools."

Today, Wahhabist schools thrive in Egypt, Pakistan, Somalia, Indonesia, Qatar, Hamas, and is the only tolerated religion in Saudi Arabia. In these countries, government approved daily newspapers spew hatred for Western culture, Christianity, and Judaism. A Saudi billionaire, Osama bin Laden and Zacarias Moussouai are practicing Wahhabists. 15 of the 20 9/11 killers were Saudis.

In recent decades a Westerner could travel anywhere in the Middle East with impunity (that's without fear, to you in Palm Beach County). Now, Saudi couriers and banks ship suitcases full of money to other countries, to teach hatred, and to train Islamists to murder Westerners and anyone who disagrees with them.

SINCE THE inception of the Democratic State of Israel in 1948, terrorist organizations, such as Hamas, (."Islamic Resistance Movement") have popped up whose sole mission is to destroy the state of Israel. Hamas, best known for its suicide bombers, is a client organization of the fundamentalist Islamist rulers of Iran. Many of its leaders and gunman, who are trained to murder women and children, are trained in Syria and Iran. Syria also has trained Al Qaeda and PLO terrorists.

Iran not only funds Hamas, but also supplies intelligence, manpower, and IED's to their Shia insurgent brethren in Iraq so they can kill American Soldiers there. In 1979 after the fall of the Shah, the new ruling mullahs seized American embassy personnel, and a catatonic Jimmy Carter did nothing throughout the remainder of his "presidency" to secure their return. Iranian officials have been captured aiding the insurgents in Iraq. IED's made in Iran kill American soldiers, and innocent civilians, including children, in Iraq.

Now Iran is developing the bomb. When that task is completed, they can row a boat with an H-Bomb out from their bath tub navy into the Straits of Hormuz, and blockade 50% of the worlds oil supply.

While John Kerry is "finding room for negotiation," and Barack Osama is "opening up dialogue," and Bill Richardson is hauling ass out of Iraq, and Dennis Kucinich is hiding in his sand box with Madeleine Albright, Mike Gravel, Chuck Hagel, and "newsman" Chris (the dumb one), Americans will be freezing their butts off in the Northeast, and reading by candlelight in Ohio.

WOW, that's a tough one. After all, I understand that the problems in the Middle East and around the World, for that matter, are all caused by us Americans (especially, Dick Cheney, and . . .um . . . Halliburton, and . .and . . Those right wingers at the Fox Network).It must be so, because President Obama has told veryone around the globe that our differences are all caused by the bad old Americans, and by golly, he, President Obama intends to make it right. And it didn't help that former President Bush repeatedly opined that "Islam is a religion of peace." And golly I want the Islamists and the Europeans to really like us, especially the French. So what to do? Negotiate further as John Kerry, Chris Dodd, and Neville Chamberlain have suggested? Just pull out as John Mirta, Chuck Hagel, Sean Penn, Madonna, et al demand? Let the countries in the Middle East settle their own differences? After all, the war is only about oil. Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm ! !

Naahhhh, as as a Member of Congress, I would recommend to the President of the United States, let's just KICK IRAN'S ASS. We have been negotiating in the Middle East since the 1950's. To no avail. Syria has been training terrorists since the 1960's. Terrorists have blown up our embassies, planted car bombs in our skyscrapers, hi-jack our airplanes, and thrown crippled Americans over the sides of cruise ships. Saudi Arabian money has paid for it all. Iran declared war on us in 1979, when they seized our citizens from our sovereign territory in Tehran--they have fought that war for almost 30 years. Just annihilate Iran's military, take out their communications, and bomb their power plants. With no guns to terrorize their neighbors or support their terrorist allies; with no means of communicating; with no electricity and heat their nuclear ambitions are useless. It's damn difficult to assemble IED's in the dark and when you are freezing, it's not easy to chant D . . d . .d . . death to America.

The United States has relations and a good relationship with Egypt, Jordan (70% Palestinian), Saudi Arabia (I suppose), and United Arab Emirates; we tolerate Iran, Iraq, Libya. But we have ONE FRIEND in the Middle East - and only one: Israel.

On September 11, 2001, they brought their terror to our own shores. It's time we fought back. By the time I assume office those in Somalia, South Yemen, Egypt, Sudan, and Al Jazeera, who have made war on us better have changed their thinking ("Seen the Light" as we Christians call it). You rulers of Saudi Arabia, Syria, and Iran, should have updated your Last Will and Testament, and have made your peace with Allah--and if you still don't like us - we'll just have to get over it.

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