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Issue Position: War on Drugs

Issue Position

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War on drugs

A free society respects the right of adults to make their own decisions about their own bodies, AS LONG AS THEY DON'T HARM OTHERS. That includes the right to use drugs, even if it's not a choice you personally would make. Besides, Drug Prohibition doesn't work. Before 1914, drugs were legal. After they were outlawed, gangs sprang up to supply users. The result? Criminals became rich, police became corrupt, and prisons filled with drug offenders and crime rates soared! Meanwhile, drugs are still available everywhere…..even in maximum security prisons! After a century of Drug Prohibition it is clear…..The War on Drugs is a disastrous failure! We should decriminalize drugs, so we can make it easier for those who need help to receive it, and so police can protect us from violent criminals instead of wasting their time and tax dollars arresting 700,000+ non-violent marijuana users every year. These statements in no way should be taken that I condone the usage of drugs. I am simply stating the facts and a way to resolve the problems.

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