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Issue Position: Platform for Progress

Issue Position

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Platform for Progress

I'll start a New Deal Caucus in our U.S. House of Representatives - The New Deal Caucus will embody every successful aspect of FDR's New Deal, with upgrades for the 21st century
circumstances that we face. A primary component of the New Deal Caucus agenda, would be to
implement a new Works Progress Administration, that puts people to work doing jobs they can do,
to help our country and to help one another to survive, prosper and move ahead in these difficult

The Tea Party Caucus is enthralled with generic, big box retail solutions for everything, from tax
cuts for people who don't need them to private prison expansion that alchemizes profitability from
imprisonment - ideas I do not support in the least. In direct opposition and contrast, the New Deal
Caucus will practice a boutique-style politics that recognizes a new tailored vision for the problems
we face as a country, rather than the one size fits all, industrial-era Tea Party Caucus perspective
that practices a sledgehammer politics of middle class destruction and increased poverty, with their
only aim being the status quo preservation of the corporate class, regardless of who or what is
commoditized in the process.

We need to harness the power of the financial Market (i.e. Wall Street) for the Public - I will
support and/or sponsor legislation for the creation of a Public Trust, that is, a 10% issuance of public shares of all publicly traded companies, and a 10% issuance of all tradable derivatives (e.g.
crude oil, gold, etc.) for the financing of public interests (e.g. healthcare, education, social
security, etc.). The financial bailouts of 2008-2009 have proven that we have the political will to
connect the Market sphere to the Public sphere in ways previously unimaginable, for the benefit of
financial stability and reinvestment in American interests. If the American government (i.e. public)
can help to support the financial markets, the financial markets can reciprocate the favor. The
Market should work for the Public, as well as the reverse.

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