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Issue Position: Energy

Issue Position

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I support the Boone Pickens Plan

America needs a national renewable energy goal that gives companies incentives to create more efficient energy solutions for all.

There needs to be a pollution and waste tax. Our energy usage causes pollution and this must be paid for. By creating a more honest energy market, Americans will be paying the actual price for energy and this will help reduce demand will helping to keep our environment cleaner.

America's oil and natural gas industry supports 9.2 million men and women across the United States. Oil and natural gas industry exploration and production wages are more than double the national average. The industry distributed $176 billion in wages paid to U.S. employees.

Energy Tomorrow

No taxpayer dollars are to be used directly to subsidize energy production and consumption anymore. Instead, investment must be made into new, cleaner and more efficient technologies.

Oil prices fluctuate due to speculation. We must regulate the oil market and those speculators who constantly push up the cost of oil for their own personal profit.

We must begin smart and safe offshore drilling. Over 200,000 new U.S. jobs can be created once we begin to open up our natural gas and oil reserves in the Gulf. Once Congress creates a proper liability process for spills that will hold oil companies accountable for the risks they take, we can ensure that oil and natural gas drilling will be done in the most safe and efficient manner as possible.

I am tired of Americans handing bags of money to Saudi Princes.

The U.S. sent $37.2 billion overseas in the month of December alone for oil.

I support alternative energy like solar, biofuels, wind and fuel cell technology

Here in Florida, we have amazing potential to create new energy efficient buildings and houses by simply utilizing our largest free resource- the Sun.

Buildings account for roughly 40% of all U.S. energy use. This must change.

I support reducing the power of the Department of Energy. Only free energy markets with reduced regulation will create cleaner, more efficient and cheaper energy technology.

I also support building more nuclear energy plants in America. We have greatly improved the safety measures when it comes to nuclear energy and there is great potential in utilizing this technology for cheaper and cleaner energy.

We must continue to support alternative energy to ensure that oil soon becomes nothing more than another fossil found beneath the sand.

Goodbye Gasoline

Natural-Gas Vehicles

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