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Celebrating Two Years of Affordable Health Care Reform


Location: Weston, FL

In honor of the two year anniversary of the Affordable Health Care Act, Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz (FL-20) released the following statement:

"This game-changing health care law, the Affordable Health Care Act, passed by Congress and signed by the President two years ago, marks a historic shift in our country. This law is already giving American families and small businesses more control over their health care by reducing costs, increasing choice, and instituting common sense rules.

"The Affordable Care Act puts a stop to insurance companies denying coverage based on pre-existing medical conditions. It has already saved Florida seniors more than $141 million in reduced prescription drug costs. Nationwide, 2.5 million young adult children up to age 26 now have coverage through their parent's insurance policies. The Affordable Care Act also provides important preventive services like birth control, mammograms, and colonoscopies free of co-pays and deductibles, and it boldly outlaws the egregious insurance company practice of "gender rating" -- charging women more for health insurance simply for being a woman.

"The Affordable Care Act will help 31 million uninsured Americans afford comprehensive coverage, it's closing the Medicare prescription drug donut hole, protecting the doctor-patient relationship, and bringing down the deficit. In just its first two years this legislation, aimed at fixing our nation's broken health insurance system, has already helped millions of Floridians live healthier lives."

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