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Erik's Correspondence Corner: Supreme Court Arguments & Asian Carp


Location: Washington, DC

Continuing his efforts to keep the lines of communication open with constituents, Rep. Erik Paulsen (MN-03) today released the latest installment of his weekly video series, "Erik's Correspondence Corner". In this week's video, Erik answers a question from Laura in Plymouth regarding the Supreme Court's review of the President's new healthcare law. Karen in Maple Grove also wrote in with her thoughts on protecting Minnesota's lakes and waterways from the invasive Asian carp.

Each week, Representative Paulsen receives thousands of letters, emails, tweets, Facebook posts, and phone calls from constituents voicing their opinions. Through this video series, Representative Paulsen will regularly respond to constituent correspondence on a variety of topics.

On Supreme Court Arguments

"I do believe that there are important consumer protections that do make sense. There's actually support across the aisle for consumer protections like allowing young people to be on their parents' policies through age 26 - or even covering preexisting conditions. However, the debate changes -- and I don't believe we've moved in the right direction with the President's new healthcare law -- when it doesn't address cost. In fact, it's going to become more expensive."

"The none-partisan CBO just released last week that the cost of the President's bill is actually doubling to nearly $1.8 trillion. We've also got a medical device tax that's going to hit Minnesota hard when it gets put in place. And also, we've got provisions that make it more difficult for people who have Health Savings Accounts, Flexible Spending Accounts, to be able to utilize those accounts to purchase simple over the counter medications such as Advil or Claritin for your children without getting a doctors proscription. So there are a lot of changes that should be made. And you've also got the fact that you are moving $500 billion out of Medicare to move into a new entitlement program. I think that's a move in the wrong direction."

On Preventing the Spread of Invasive Asian Carp

"There is no doubt that Minnesota's crown jewels are the streams, lakes, and waterways that we not only use for commerce, but we enjoy every week as families."

"We should do whatever we can to prevent Asian carp from infiltrating many of Minnesota's lakes and waterways."

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