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Issue Position: Health Care

Issue Position

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Health Care

No issue is more universally important to people than health care. Everyone desires the best care possible if and when they need it, and they want it to be affordable. Corrine Brown would tell you that government run health care is the solution, but let us stop and analyze the problem first.

What factors caused the crisis in health care that made it unaffordable to individuals? Leanne's husband's grandfather was a doctor in a small town during the Great Depression. People actually paid for his services without insurance or credit cards, it was affordable even in a time of great economic strife, so what happened? Government healthcare programs dictated to doctors that they must accept a fraction of their normal fees for government work. Instead of saving the government money, this policy caused those normal fees for health care services to constantly rise so that providers could afford to do that government work.

When Medicare was created in 1965, bureaucrats estimated that in 1992 the program would cost $3 billion. In 1992 the actual cost of Medicare was over $100 billion. While it was a good intentioned program, by trying to dictate the cost of healthcare politicians made it completely unaffordable. The need for health insurance arose from just such government programs. Then, pandering to their union supporters, these same liberal politicians, made laws that reduced competition in the health care insurance industry and banned individuals such as small church groups, communities, or non-unionized professionals from purchasing group insurance together. In other words, first they made health care unaffordable, then, they made health insurance unaffordable this is unacceptable. Ms. Brown would tell you that the solution is more government control. Isn't it time we said enough is enough? Let's get the government out of our health care industry so doctors can cure and competition allows us to pay for it again.

LeAnne's Points:

1. Repeal Obamacare.
2. Reform Medicare and Medicaid, with less bureaucracy more effective care and less of a cost to the taxpayer.
3. Remove ban on individual group insurance.
4. Reduce healthcare wait times for our country's veterans.

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