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WDBJ7 - Congressman Hurt's Bill to Ease Tension Between EPA and Farmers

News Article

Location: Chatham, VA

By Justin Ward

Converting waste into energy; it's been a money saver for a dairy farm in Pittsylvania County as gas and electric prices climb.

VanDerHyde Dairy Farm in Chatham knows the cost of keeping a dairy farm running all too well.

Today the farm hosted a tour for local Future Farmers of America students and state and national representatives.

Farm hands are using waste from cows and turning it into usable energy, fertilizer, and bedding for cows.

Congressman Robert Hurt is using lessons learned from farmers here to push a bill to protect property right of farmers and foresters.

"Our bill is designed to solidify and clarify exisiting exceptions that will allow farmers to use the natural resources on their land. In this instance it would be water," Congressman Hurt said.

Hurt says the Preserving Rural Resources Act will loosen E.P.A. regulations and open access to better natural resources farmers depend on for everyday work.

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