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The Hill Report: Week of April 2 -- 6, 2012


Location: Unknown

This week, I was delighted to spend time in North Texas for the Spring District Work period and to meet with constituents, students, local officials and business leaders. I always value the opportunity to hear directly from constituents about their opinions, the challenges they face and solutions for Texas and our nation.

As I talked with North Texans this week, their primary concerns were with our sluggish economy and chronic unemployment. The Department of Labor released its unemployment report for the month of March today which stated that our unemployment rate is at 8.2% and our economy added only 120,000 jobs. While any sign of job creation is encouraging, far too many Americans are still looking for work or have stopped trying due to the President's policies that prioritize big government over free enterprise.

On Wednesday, I spoke at the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce's "Dallas Business Leadership Briefing Series" and gave an update on the current legislation before Congress. We discussed the need for relief from the Administration and Congressional Democrats' call for higher taxes, reckless spending and burdensome regulations which have failed to result in economic recovery as promised. To assist struggling families and small businesses in North Texas and across the country, House Republicans have passed over 30 bills from our Plan for America's Job Creators to reform the tax code, pay down our debt and expand American energy production.

I enjoyed the opportunity to speak to the Chamber and strongly support their mission to "make Dallas a better place to live, work, raise a family and build a business." I will continue to fight in Congress for pro-growth solutions that will assist job creators and help get North Texans working again. To learn more about the North Dallas Chamber of Commerce, visit

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