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The Hill Report: Week of March 26 - 30, 2012


Location: Unknown

This week in Washington, House Republicans passed our budget plan for fiscal year 2013, "The Path to Prosperity," by Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan. Although the Senate has failed to pass a budget in over 1,000 days, we approved a bold fiscal roadmap on Thursday to fund our nation's priorities while encouraging economic growth. Our responsible budget plan reforms our broken tax code, cuts government spending and tackles the drivers of our debt to put our country on a sustainable path towards fiscal solvency.

In a sharp contrast from Democrat-controlled Washington's approach which pushes Medicare closer to bankruptcy, the "The Path to Prosperity" budget ensures Medicare's viability for future generations. I am pleased to join my colleagues in supporting a plan to preserve and protect Medicare by empowering patients, instead of the board of unaccountable bureaucrats created in ObamaCare.

I believe that North Texas families and small businesses deserve relief from the Administration's tax, borrow and spend policies that stifle job creation and innovation. That is why we will continue to pass legislation that gets government out of the way to allow free enterprise to thrive and protect the American Dream. I thank Chairman Ryan for his leadership on this proposal to save our children and grandchildren from the burden of debt, protect our nation's seniors and create a sound financial future for the American people.

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