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Donnelly Announces Vote Against Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Today, Congressman Joe Donnelly announced that he plans to vote against the Republican budget proposal offered by Representative Paul Ryan. Donnelly released the following statement:

"I'm voting against the Republican budget, which clearly chooses winners and losers by providing further tax breaks for millionaires at the expense of America's working and middle-class families, seniors, and students.

"The annual budget debate in Congress is about setting priorities and this Republican budget puts the wealthiest Americans at the top of the list. Under the Republican budget, each millionaire would get an average tax cut of $150,000, while working- and middle-class families who are trying to provide the best for their children would get the short end of the stick. To put that figure into perspective, $150,000 would more than cover the total cost of these three things added together: one returning veteran's medical care for a year, one first responder's salary for a year, and one student's maximum Pell Grant towards a college education.

"Also, the Republican budget would shift costs to seniors by ending the Medicare guarantee. This is simply unacceptable. Medicare is a promise we've made to our seniors to ensure they get the secure health care that they have earned and contributed to through a lifetime of work.

"As I've said before, I believe that the budget should put in place a serious plan that reduces our deficit and improves our long-term fiscal health. I stand ready to work with my colleagues on both sides of the aisle on a plan that reduces spending yet does not unfairly burden working- and middle-class families, seniors, and those most in need while millionaires receive even more tax cuts."

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