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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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Retain. We cannot afford to lose the jobs that we have now. That means that we need to preserve jobs of our police officers, teachers and military related employees.

Reclaim. Over the last forty years we have lost over 5 million manufacturing jobs in the United States. We need to revise our tax and trade policies so that goods are once again "made in America."

Renew. New small businesses are powerful engines of job creation. All aspects of government need to be small business friendly. Entrepreneurs who are willing to take a risk and start up a company do not need to be greeted by stack of unwelcome federal regulations and taxes. A new Genuinely Small Business Administration needs to provide micro loans of $2,000, $5,000 or $10,000 loans without complex paperwork.

In addition to encouraging small business and innovation, we must intensify our eforts to build a sustainable economy. Thousands and thousands of new jobs will be created if we are truly dedicated to the development of solar and wind as American made energy.

There are even more jobs available if we commit to a house by house, school by school, building by building energy conservation plan. Surely, we can find creative ways for utility companies, and state and local governments and the federal government to work together to hire unemployed construction workers to install smart thermostats, water heater timers, caulk and insulation. For more information, .

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