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Issue Position: Jay's Priorities

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

This is why Jay Liles is running for Congress: A life-long Floridian, Liles has been engaged in state, local and federal policymaking for the past 36 years. While having never served in public office, Liles has been an effective advocate of public policy in the public sector, for businesses and for non-profit organizations.

Liles believes voters in the 2nd district are looking for a moderate who can reach across the aisle and work toward compromise on issues in order to get things done. He is convinced voters are weary of battles over wedge issues and will respond favorably to a candidate who can work from the middle.

Liles will propose a solutions-oriented platform based on his most important priorities:

-Job creation and the finances of working families
-Containment of health care costs for families and business
-Improving K-12 public education to compete in the 21st Century
-Storm mitigation for both a job creation and to address the changing dynamics of coastal growth and coastal economies such as fishing and tourism

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