Mixed Messages


By:  Tim Scott
Date: April 4, 2012
Location: Unknown

This week has seen two very interesting comments made by the President and Vice President.

First, President Obama called the House Republican budget "radical." Meanwhile, the President's budgets have garnered ZERO votes the past two years in Congress. While the House continues to work for solutions to our nation's biggest issues -- debt, spending and jobs -- the President continues pushing policies of overspending, overtaxing and overreaching regulations.

Yesterday, Vice President Biden told a Virginia TV station that our nation's energy policy is "the best its ever been." Apparently $4 gas, the Keystone Pipeline debacle, Solyndra and the EPA's overregulation are good enough for him. My colleagues and I in the House have pushed for a comprehensive energy plan moving forward -- truly an "all of the above" set of solutions.


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