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A Budget That Represents the Priorities of the American People

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Rob Woodall (R-GA) joined several of his House Budget Committee colleagues, including Budget Chairman Paul Ryan, for a press conference following the passage of their FY2013 budget resolution, "The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal." The resolution passed the House by a vote of 228-191.

"The $15 trillion in debt that has been placed on the backs of every man, woman, and child, every family in this country, is the result of a past path chosen by both parties. Americans are all in agreement that we must choose a new path and get this debt under control, however, the president submitted a budget that--even though it raises taxes by $2 trillion--increases spending even further, causing our debt to climb even faster than it already has. Today's House-passed budget chooses a new path that tackles the drivers of our debt and reforms them in a way that puts individual Americans back in the driver's seat," Woodall said.

The FY2013 Path to Prosperity reduces spending by $5 trillion relative to the president's FY2013 budget proposal. It reduces the size of the government, and it reforms our nation's broken tax code by clearing out special interest loopholes and lowering tax rates across the board.

Over 200 constituents joined Congressman Woodall at a Town Hall Meeting in Suwanee, GA, on Saturday, March 24, where the majority of the discussion focused on the importance of passing a budget that addresses the drivers of the national debt while still preserving the integrity of our nation's entitlement programs.

"I'm grateful to everyone who came and joined me Saturday. The discussion and feedback was incredibly helpful for me as we debated the different budget proposals and ideas this week. The consensus in Suwanee--and virtually everywhere I go in the Seventh District-- is that Americans are tired of watching helplessly as their children and grandchildren get saddled with more and more debt. At the same time, they are scared of what will happen to their own current or future Medicare benefits. I'm proud to tell the folks back home that The Path to Prosperity helps to remove that crushing burden of debt from future generations. It does not touch Medicare payments for current recipients and strengthens Medicare for those who will receive it in the years to come."

"I refuse to embrace broken politics of the past. Americans deserve real solutions and honest leadership, and we are delivering both in The Path to Prosperity," Woodall said.

"This is a document that can govern our nation. It's a document Americans can be proud of and I'm proud to be a part of its passage out of the House today. I thank Chairman Ryan for his leadership on this important budget framework," Woodall said.

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