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House Passes "Path to Prosperity' Budget for FY2013

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

The House has passed the FY2013 House Republican budget, the Path to Prosperity. The Path to Prosperity sets discretionary spending at $1.028 trillion, below the $1.047 trillion cap Congressional Democrats forced during the debt ceiling negotiations last summer. It is expected to cut $5 trillion compared to President Obama's FY13 budget proposal and is anticipated to reduce deficits by $180 billion compared to the president's budget. Congressman Westmoreland voted in favor of the legislation.

"I think the House Republican budget is a great first step towards getting us back on the path of fiscal responsibility," stated Westmoreland. "Of course I would have liked to see more cuts that would balance our budget more quickly, which is why I also voted for the Republican Study Committee's Cut, Cap, and Balance budget. But you can't stop an aircraft carrier on a dime. Unfortunately Congressional Democrats and the White House have revved up spending so high in Washington, it's just going to take a while to get it back down to reasonable levels."

Rather than making deep cuts to defense advocated for by Congressional Democrats and the White House, the House Republican budget prioritizes national security while identifying savings that would not decrease our military strength.

The vote comes a day after the House voted 414-0 against President Obama's FY2013 budget proposal. The president's budget called for $3.8 trillion in spending for FY2013 and $47 trillion in spending over the next ten years. The CBO projects the total deficits for 2013-2022 would be $6.4 trillion.

"You know, the president keeps talking about how he wants to unite the country and wants Congress to find some common ground," stated Westmoreland. "Well it looks like we finally did. We are all united against this president's wasteful spending ways. Even Congressional Democrats -- who continue to support more failed stimulus plans -- couldn't get behind this president's budget. This serves as just one more reminder of how far removed the president is from the reality of the situation this country is currently facing."

Under the Budget Control Act of 1974, each chamber in Congress is required to pass a budget that outlines the spending levels for each federal agency. Although it is preferred the House and Senate pass the same budget, it isn't necessary. Senate Democrats have stated they will, once again, not pass a budget. This will be the third fiscal year in a row Senate Democrats have not passed a budget.

To learn more about the House Republican budget, visit Congressman Westmoreland's YouTube channel and select the House Republican Budget FY13 playlist.

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