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Fitzpatrick Votes to Pass House Budget Proposal

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Mike Fitzpatrick voted today to pass the second budget proposal to come out of the House of Representatives in two years.

"The latest budget proposal from the House achieves several important goals: putting Americans back to work, protecting our nation's seniors and ending the era of unsustainable budget deficits," said Fitzpatrick. "By reforming our broken tax code, eliminating wasteful spending and protecting and strengthening retirement security programs for today's seniors and for our children and grandchildren, this budget is a serious proposal to set our nation on a path to fiscal stability and economic prosperity."

"I urge the Senate to join the conversation with their own budget proposal - something they have failed to do in nearly three years."

There were several budget proposals which were considered by the House during the course of the debate. Information regarding these budgets as well as Congressman Fitzpatrick's position on each is included below.

President's Budget:
"The President's budget, which failed to gain even a single vote from either party, ignores the fiscal crisis in which we find ourselves and refuses to acknowledge the challenges our mandatory spending programs face in the coming years."

LaTourette/Cooper Budget:
"I appreciate the Simpson-Bowles Commission-inspired budget proposal attempting to take a somewhat balanced approach to lowering our debt and deficit, something I supported in a letter to the Debt Committee last fall. Unfortunately, this budget proposal was not balanced enough: it relied too much on tax increases rather than lowering spending, and did nothing to address the real drivers of our debt, including the President's 2010 health care law, the Affordable Care Act. In fact, this proposal expands the Independent Payment Advisory Board (IPAB), the President's newly-created agency in the Affordable Care Act charged with cutting Medicare benefits and which a bipartisan majority in the House voted to repeal earlier this week."

Congressional Black Caucus Budget:
"I opposed the Congressional Black Caucus (CBC) budget proposal because while it attempts to balance the budget, it does so by enacting $4 trillion in new taxes while increasing spending over $150 billion above the President's current budget proposal and over $500 billion over the next decade. We simply cannot continue on the spend-and-tax path to economic ruin."

Progressive Caucus Budget:
"The liberal Democrats' budget proposal increases taxes by $4.7 trillion more than President Obama proposed in his own budget last month. It also funds $2.9 trillion in ineffective, wasteful "stimulus" spending similar to what we saw enacted in the 2009, which we now know added billions to the national deficit but did nothing to create permanent jobs. "

House Democrat Budget:
"The House Democratic alternative budget proposal merely calls for the same tax-and-spend vision for the country that President Obama proposed with his budget. Under this budget, Americans would be forced to pay $2.4 trillion in new taxes, while new non-defense spending (defense spending is cut disproportionately) would grow by $5.5 trillion and remain above 22.1 percent of GDP throughout the next 10 years, which is above the historical average. It also fails to balance the budget, instead leading to a $675 billion deficit by the end of the next decade. Finally, like the President's budget, the Democratic budget does not offer any specific proposals to put Medicare, Medicaid, and Social Security on a sustainable path. It embraces the President's costly health care law, which will truly end Medicare as we know it by driving the program into bankruptcy."

Republican Study Committee (House Conservative) Budget:
"I opposed the Republican Study Committee's (RSC) budget proposal because it included indiscriminate cuts to spending that could unfairly impact important programs and made changes to Social Security that could result in cuts to beneficiaries."

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