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MSNBC "The Ed Show" - Transcript


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SCHULTZ: All you have to do is lie.
Malkin she was so confused she didn`t even know when Scott Brown was
elected, 2010. Not 2008.
But she`s also using one poll by a Republican strategist where a race
in a lead has changed five times.
But there`s Malkin and other Republicans should really worry about.
According to women voters, in swing states, Barack Obama is up 54 percent
to Mitt Romney`s 36 percent. Is that fiction? No, that`s fact.
Republicans, they just can`t make stuff up enough to try to turn their
position around. The party that -- it`s interesting, ironically, you think
about it. The party that lied us into a war nine years ago, well, they now
claim there is no war on women in America. You be the judge.
Get your cell phones out. I want to know what you think. Tonight`s
question: Is the GOP`s war on women fact or fiction?
Text A for fact, text B for fiction to 622639. And you always go to
our blog and leave a comment at We`ll bring the results
later on in the show.
Joining me tonight is Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California.
Congresswoman, great to have you with us tonight. Thanks for your
What is your response to the chairman of the Republican Party saying
there is no war on women and it`s fiction?

REP. MAXINE WATERS (D), CALIFORNIA: I think that -- that statement
that he made demonstrates their desperate fear about what is happening with
this war on women that they started. Everything that you said is you open
this program and it`s absolutely correct. There is a war on women.
There`s been a lot of discussion about the Ryan budget and what they
have to do to deny contraception to women. But it`s more than that. It
goes to many places in this budget, whether you`re talking about child
care, Head Start, food stamps -- you will see that there is definitely a
war on women.
But let me just tell you this, Ed. I remember what Winnie Mandela
said when we were fighting against the unconscionable apartheid in South
Africa. She said, now that you have touched the women, you have struck a
And this is what is happening in this campaign. The polls are showing
that women coming to the forefront, that they are speaking up, that they
are creating a platform. They now understand who the enemy is and why they
can`t get the kind up of support that women deserve in all of these areas.

SCHULTZ: And, Congresswoman, look at that number. Fifty-four percent
to 36 percent. I mean, if they keep making comments like this and stay in
the state of denial, and have no policies whatsoever, that favor of women
in country -- could this number get worse as we get closer and closer to
the election?

WATERS: The number can absolutely get worse. As a matter of fact,
you should hear the talk in many of the women`s clubs and organizations on
the street. Women are saying it`s our time to take charge now and speak up
against what the Republicans are doing, what they have been doing for so
long. We are going to deny them this presidency because they have rebuilt
themselves in the most profound way that could ever happen.
These presidential candidates, all of these laws that you have alluded
to in all of our states, the governors, all of them who have absolutely
created this war on women are now going to be taken to task by the women of
this country.
We`re sick and tired of them. We know exactly where they are coming
from. And Obama is going to be the beneficiary of all of the anger that
women have because we`re going to make sure that Republicans don`t win.

SCHULTZ: Is there anything that the White House needs to do or the
Obama campaign specifically needs to do at this point, or just let the
Republicans fall on their sword because they have nothing on the table that
would reverse this?

WATERS: Well, one of the things we have discovered doing these
presidential debates is that they are revealing themselves for who they
really are and what they care about and what they think. And it`s
certainly to the benefit of President Obama.
In addition to that, the president spoke up for women -- 99 percent of
the women in this country have used contraceptive at some point in their
lives, and we know it`s so important because 55 percent of the births in
this country are unintended, and with contraception, we could make sure
that women are birthing in ways that they want to, they are having their
families and they are doing the planning in the way that benefits them and
their families.
And just look at what the president did today about what is happening
in golf. He`s speaking up for women.


WATERS: So he`s on the front line for women and everybody knows it

SCHULTZ: Congresswoman Maxine Waters of California, thank you for
joining us tonight. Appreciate it.


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