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Governor's Veto: Government Should Get Out of Way of Economic Recovery

Press Release

Location: Topeka, KS

Citing his administration's goal of getting government out of the way of state's economic recovery, Kansas Governor Sam Brownback vetoed Senate Bill 353 this week. The bill would have increased regulations on licensed barbers in Kansas who had left the profession and then decided to return within three years.

In his veto message to the Kansas Legislature, Brownback said recent indicators show the economic recovery in Kansas is underway, yet remains fragile.

"As we set forth in our Roadmap for Kansas, now is the time for government to get out of the way by reducing spending, cutting taxes, and returning to its core functions," Gov. Brownback said. "Only when the state's economic role is limited to maintaining a fair and safe playing field for all can the resourcefulness, ingenuity, and hard work of Kansans in every field of labor be fully realized. Now is not the time to add layer after layer of regulatory fees, burdensome certification requirements, barriers to entry, and bureaucracy to our economy."

Brownback said while SB 353 deals only with one business, it is a clear example of the steady growth of state power over economic activity.

"By vetoing SB353, I intend not only to prevent this small increase of government interference in the marketplace, but also to send the clear message that Kansas will not accept unnecessary government burdens on the free market," Brownback said. "It is time to take the parking brake off of the dynamic economic engine that is the Kansas spirit, which if unleashed, will generate growth and prosperity for all."

The Governor also signed five more bills recommended by the Office of the Repealer:

HB 2605 repeals a statute in the Kansas Pesticide Law to abolish the Pest Control Operators' Fee Fund and transfers all unencumbered moneys to the Pesticide Use Fee Fund.

HB 2626 repeals two statutes concerning fraudulent practices in selling grain, seed, hay, or coal.

HB 2668 repeals the statute concerning the recording of farm names.

HB 2687 amends two statutes related to reporting requirements of the State Building Advisory Commission

HB 2703 repeals five statutes concerning the state central motor pool and branch motor pools, which no longer exist.

Governor Brownback has signed 92 bills into law and vetoed two bills so far this session.

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