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Issue Position: Plan of Action on an Economic Renewal -- JOBS

Issue Position

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-Unleash the energy resources we have at home while searching for and enveloping future alternative energy sources. This will go a long way towards removing foreign dependency and will help create jobs in the 7th district.

It is estimated that the energy resources in the United State are:

1. 2,543 TRILLION cubic feet of NATURAL GAS.
2. 35 TRILLION cubic feet of NATURAL GAS on the Coastal Plain of Alaska (ANWR Province) alone.
3. 3.17 Billion barrels of OIL estimated in ANWAR. Perhaps as many as 26 super fields exist there -- fields that can produce 500 million barrels or more of OIL.

-Create a "Buy American Incentive Program" that gives tax reductions to businesses that buy American products and put people back to work.

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