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Issue Position: Jobs and the Economy

Issue Position

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The key to restarting America's vibrant economy is our small businesses, not government's involvement in the private sector. We need to get government off the backs of businesses so that we can grow the economy, create jobs and jumpstart an economic recovery.

We can start alleviating the burden on businesses by reforming our tax code. America has one of the most complex tax codes in the world. Rather than focusing on growing their businesses and creating jobs, our business owners spend valuable time and resources completing paperwork and worrying about new rules. Federal debt downgrades, the possibility of higher taxes and heavy-handed regulations prevent job-creating businesses from expanding. The uncertainty that comes from the ever-changing tax code and torrent of federal regulations diminishes confidence among business owners and hinders job growth by preventing new hiring.

Unnecessary and heavy-handed regulations arrest economic growth before it has a chance to start. We need to turn back the tide of expanding regulations, which are now costing American businesses over $1.75 trillion each year. These policies have created massive burdens on the economy while providing little or no actual benefits. The Pee Dee and the Grand Strand need a Representative who can go to Washington to fight for the South Carolina businesses that are struggling because of the anti-business climate coming out of Washington. I understand that Washington gets in the way more often than it helps and I will fight to extract government from the private sector.

Lastly, Congress has become far too involved in the practice of picking winners and losers in the marketplace. Washington needs to stop wasting taxpayer dollars artificially distorting the free market. As a businessman I have experience working in the private sector and understand the importance of stopping government interference. I am also an ardent supporter of free trade, because the global economy cannot function properly when governments conspire to affect market outcomes and restrict opportunities for U.S. companies to export their products. We need more Members of Congress that truly understand business, like I do, and have seen first hand the disastrous impact of government overreach. We must fight back against the misguided policies of the Obama Administration, because the economy can only grow and function properly when it is free of government interference.

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