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Ros-Lehtinen Pleased that Judiciary Committee Will Hold a Vote on CIANA Tomorrow

Press Release

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Tomorrow Tuesday, March 27th, the Child Interstate Abortion Notification Act (CIANA), a pro life bill that protects the rights of parents so that their teenage daughters are not taken to another state to get an abortion without their consent, will be voted on by the House Judiciary Committee. Congresswoman Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R-FL) has introduced CIANA in each Congress since 2005. It currently has 157 cosponsors.

CIANA would make it a federal crime to transport a minor across state lines for the purposes of circumventing the parental consent/notification laws of the minor's home state. The House Constitution Subcommittee held a hearing on CIANA on March 8th.

Said Ros-Lehtinen: "This legislation is based on common-sense. Parents have the right to be involved in their children's lives. More than 30 states have enshrined this sacred responsibility by passing parental consent and notification laws. Minors should not be ferried across state lines by those who would wish to disregard state laws and deny parents their rights. I thank House Judiciary Chairman Lamar Smith for holding this vote. I am optimistic that CIANA will be brought to the full House for an up or down vote. This legislation continues Congress' long and proud tradition of upholding the sanctity of an innocent human life."

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