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Mack: ObamaCare Anniversary Marks Big Government Takeover of American Freedom


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Connie Mack released the following statement today on the two-year anniversary of ObamaCare:

"ObamaCare is an abomination and President Obama has again failed our country. Two years after it was signed into law it now stands to cost vastly more than the President originally predicted. Millions are expected to lose their private health insurance even though the President promised they wouldn't. The quality of healthcare in America is on the brink of plumetting while the cost is set to rise to staggering levels. Taxes will increase and jobs will be cut. Add to that the basic tenet that ObamaCare forces people to buy a product they might not want or need, and no matter how you measure it ObamaCare is a disaster.

"Anniversaries should mark happy, proud and joyous occassions. Sadly the two year anniversary of ObamaCare marks the destruction of freedom and Big Government expansion. ObamaCare must be stopped. The people deserve nothing less."

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