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Issue Position: Jobs

Issue Position

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We need to put Nevadans back to work now. Waiting for the private sector to do that in this economy is foolish. We need to create jobs now, and we can do that by rebuilding our infrastructure. Many of our roads and bridges are in dire need of repair. We need to update our electrical grid, and commence green initiatives nationally to increase our usage of solar and wind power, high speed rail, and reduce our dependency on foreign oil. Rebuilding and revamping our infrastructure would create millions of American jobs.

Washington has engaged in the deliberate destruction of the middle class for over a decade, and it's time we stand up for everyday Americans. I founded Green Plains Renewable Energy in 2004, but today people are afraid to innovate and start new businesses because of the instability within our economy. We must take steps to make America a place where new and small businesses can thrive, first and foremost by repealing the Bush Tax Cuts for the wealthiest in our society and cutting spending to reduce the deficit, so that people aren't afraid to innovate and take risks.

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