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Issue Position: Economy

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Once again, we are reminded that our number one focus must remain on jobs and housing. The recession in the rest of the country has been a near-depression in Nevada, as we suffer from the nation's highest unemployment and foreclosure rates.

Contrary to what our leaders have told us "the recovery" will not happen next month or next quarter or even next year. In truth, there is no relief in sight. What must be done to get our economy moving again is no simple task. Our leaders promise "to get America back to work," by "increasing investment," "reducing taxes," and "cutting regulation." While these are certainly helpful, they will have little impact on the greater problems facing America. Our solution will not be found in another stimulus package, another increase in the debt limit, or a new accounting gimmick that Washington has come up with. If we learned anything, those will not work.

What is the solution? Doing more with less; helping unemployed individuals to create their own businesses; and, bringing foreign investment from the worlds growth economies to America. As a leader in my industry, I understand what it takes to create a successful business: good decisions, hard work, strong markets and credible products.

We must return to sensible free market competition as well as a federal system in which the states are partners not glorified lobbyists. We must get the Government out of the business of setting market trends and allow those trends to be determined by the private sector. The devil is in the details, but the basic premises are not rocket science.

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