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Issue Position: Reducing Government Waste and Spending

Issue Position

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Federal spending is out of control. We needs to make changes that make smart investments in South Carolina's future and eliminates redundant and absurd programs that favor Washington special interests. Preston believes your taxes should go towards helping small businesses grow, creating new private sector jobs and educating our people. Preston will be a voice for fresh thinking and new ideas for doing the federal government's business in a cost-effective and efficient way that cuts waste, fraud and abuse.

Preston supports cutting wasteful Washington spending and creating new efficiencies, such as:

* Eliminating tax breaks for corporations that send jobs out of the United States;
* Eliminate special tax exemptions for products like ceiling fans that are made in China, saving hundreds of millions of dollars, because tax exemptions should go to companies that make products in America;
* Shutting down duplicative federal programs that spend billions in taxpayer dollars while doing the same job with no oversight or measurement of success;
* Fighting Medicare fraud by creating new tools to prevent fraud before it happens, enhancing penalties for theft and increasing protections and incentives for Medicare fraud whistleblowers;
* Speeding up the adoption of secure cloud computing services for federal agencies;
* Eliminating tax breaks for oil companies to save as much as $41 billion ;
* Save $15 billion by getting rid of thousands of unnecessary federal properties and buildings;
* Withholding federal contracts from companies that owe back taxes, saving $38.5 billion;
* Reduce the federal vehicle fleet and associated costs by 20%;
* Reduce high-risk contracts and improve oversight of contract spending, saving nearly $20 billion annually;

Preston feels that the debt is skyrocketing and we need a long-term solution based on bipartisanship. He opposes the political games that are so harmful to our economy and our political process and is committed to reaching a sustainable agreement to fix our debt crisis.

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