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Only a Bipartisan Budget Can Restore Fiscal Responsibility


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Jared Polis released the following statement on House passage of the Ryan budget. The resolution passed on a party line vote of 228-191.

"Congress needs to spend less time passing partisan proposals and instead bring Democrats and Republicans together around a responsible "go-big' budget that creates jobs, balances the budget, and invests in long-term economic growth.

"I was proud to join a bipartisan coalition of House members who offered a budget based on the work of the Simpson-Bowles Commission. The bipartisan budget reforms our bloated tax code to increase competitiveness, reduces defense spending, and achieves $4.2 trillion in deficit reduction.

"In contrast, the Ryan budget ends Medicare as we know it and increases prescription drug costs for seniors, throws 200,000 children out of Head Start, makes college less affordable by slashing Pell grants for 22,000 students in Colorado's Second District, and undermines efforts to ensure that every child attends an excellent school. We should not be ending guaranteed Medicare coverage for our seniors or gutting education to pay for even larger tax cuts for the most well-off or to increase wasteful defense spending, as the Ryan budget does.

"The continued partisanship of the House majority leadership is paralyzing Congress at a time when we need to work together around common-sense, bipartisan solutions. I will continue to work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle to move the kind of "go big' budget proposal that will create jobs, restore fiscal responsibility and invest in the future in a way that's fair to all Americans."

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