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Issue Position: Economic Development

Issue Position

Location: Unknown

The American dream is still alive.

America is rich! We have a wealth of natural resources which few countries have ever had. What the average American calls "just getting by" is what most people on Earth call "rich."

But many US companies are being crushed by unnecessary regulation. Stack the whole Code of Federal Regulation up and what do you get? A pile of books over 25 feet tall! It costs US businesses $1.75 trillion per year to comply with federal regs and many US companies are constantly in violation of those regs because no one is capable of knowing all of them.

For two generations, Congress has been micro-managing the US economy. Look where it's gotten us. We need to put the "interstate" back in "interstate commerce"; get Congress off local, small business owners' backs and let them do what American business has always done best -- innovate, create jobs and create wealth! When free markets rule, the people prosper.

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