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Issue Position: Building Consensus

Issue Position

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"Weakness of faith combined with strength of intellect are apt to lead to the error of talkativeness."

"Strength of faith combined with weakness of intellect are apt to lead to the error of narrow minded dogmatism."

 About the only consensus in Congress is that there should be more consensus. Much of this difficulty is self-imposed. The system of presenting opposing solutions to a problem and then fighting to see who can dominate is not a path to consensus building. Solutions should come last.

First, agreement on a problem statement, followed by a vision statement (How things should look with the problem gone), purpose statement (What is the purpose of any proposed solution), goals (Measureable goals that will ensure achieving the purpose and thus the vision) and scope (What will and will not be part of the solution). If consensus can be reached on the goals and scope, then the solution, or possible solutions will become self-evident.

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