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The 2013 Budget and Medicare

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Ms. CHU. Budgets are about priorities. I think it should be about helping people climb the ladder of opportunity so they can live a good middle class life, the American Dream.

But the Republican budget hurts the middle class. It provides billions in tax breaks for the wealthiest Americans, Big Oil, and special interests. Millionaires get an extra $150,000 in their pockets in tax cuts.

How do the Republicans pay for this? This is how:

They take some by slashing education and leaving 10 million students with less money for college. They steal some from our future economy, gutting investments in science and technology. But Republicans do the most damage to seniors. They end the Medicare guarantee. They shift medical costs to seniors. They basically let Medicare wither on the vine.

These aren't my priorities or those of the American people. That's why I oppose the Republican budget.

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