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Rep. Lofgren on California High-Speed Rail Business Plan


Location: San Jose, CA

Today Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-San Jose, CA), released the following statement in response to the California High Speed Rail Authority's revised $64.8 billion business plan detailing the costs, financing and construction for the country's first state-wide bullet train system:

"Today's revised plan is a blue print for a better, faster and cost effective 21st century transit system. By listening to the people of California, the Governor and High-Speed Rail Authority's strategy right sizes this effort, achieving high-speed rail for $30 billion less than previous cost estimates. Using a blended approach streamlines the system and ensures that the entire state will see immediate benefits. Major corridors like San Jose and San Francisco will see improvements, including electrification of the Caltrain corridor, which will help the local economy and pave the way for a one seat ride from San Francisco to L.A.

"The time to build high-speed rail in California is now. Congested highways and airports cost billions each year in wasted productivity and energy--money that could be better used growing our economy. Without high-speed rail in California, our state will need to build over 4,000 new freeway lane miles, 115 new airport gates and 4 new runways just to keep up with population growth. That short-sighted approach would cost more than twice as much as high-speed rail and would have negative impacts on our environment. This high-speed rail plan is a far reaching project and is important for San Jose, for California, and for our nation. I applaud the people of California for having the vision to make it a reality."

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