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Lance Votes for Fiscally Responsible, Pro-Jobs Budget Resolutions


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Leonard Lance (NJ-7) released the following statement today after voting in support of Republican budget resolutions for the fiscal year 2013:

"One of the greatest challenges confronting our Nation is the state of the American economy. Unchecked spending, growing debt and runaway deficits have dragged down the U.S. economy for far too long. The best way to grow the economy and lower unsustainable levels of debt and deficits is by getting more Americans working again. And in Congress that starts with passage of a federal budget blueprint that allows America to regain its economic vitality.

"The budget blueprints put forth by House Republicans today are serious and honest approaches to bring fiscal responsibility back to our Nation. Instead of avoiding the tough decisions House Republicans have put forth proposals that tackle the Nation's most pressing fiscal problems.

"These budgets reform entitlement programs, simplify our tax code, address rising energy prices and bring our federal budget back into balance. This is in stark contrast to our friends in the U.S. Senate who for nearly 1,100 days have failed to pass a budget. And it differs from the President's approach where his budget failed to get a single vote of support in the House of Representatives yesterday.

"The budgets put forth by the Republican majority today offer Americans a clear choice: Following several years of trillion-dollar deficits do the American People want to continue the failed borrow and spending policies of the past? Or do they want a new direction of fiscal prudence; a reasonable and stable budgetary path that will lead ultimately to a stronger and more vibrant economy? This will be the subject of vigorous debate here in Congress but it is a debate that I firmly believe we must have in order to avert economic crisis."

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