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Terry Statement on 2013 House Republican Budget


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Lee Terry (R-NE) today released the following statement on the 2013 budget delivered this morning by House Republicans. The much-anticipated budget includes major tax reforms that slash rates and shrink the number of individual income tax brackets -- from six to two. The budget is intended to modernize government, and prevent debt from robbing future Americans of opportunities.

"This budget reflects my values and goals, as well as those of all House Republicans. It shows what we've been pushing for during this Congress: creating jobs for hardworking Americans, keeping our promises to America's seniors, and stopping the president from spending money we don't have.

"Our budget is a long list of sensible solutions for America's problems. We're proposing spending cuts, updating our outdated tax code, and reinforcing health and retirement safeguards. Our budget will even lower gas prices by implementing an 'all-of-the-above' energy strategy. The House budget can accomplish these goals while shrinking the size of the government, and making it more accountable and effective. This is truly a budget worthy of the Americans that elected us to represent them.

"Unfortunately, our budget has critics - Senate Democrats that haven't passed a budget in over three years, and a president that wants to increase taxes and government spending during a recession. Well, they've had their chance, and they've shown us what they can do with our country -- nothing great. The president's failed policies have dug our country into a deep hole, and we need to reverse them. With this budget, House Republicans can get our country on a different path, ensuring that America remains a land of opportunity," Terry said.

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