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Concurrent Resolution on the Budget for Fiscal Year 2013

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mr. GARRETT. Madam Chair, I yield myself 2 minutes.

Last week, the House Republicans introduced a budget that takes the first step towards reversing the path to debt and decline that the President and his fellow Democrats have laid out for the American people. Today the Republican Study Committee, the RSC, builds off of that work and offers a plan to further cut spending and balance the budget in just 5 years.

With real spending cuts today, enforceable spending cuts for tomorrow, and commonsense changes to strengthen our Nation's safety net programs and pro-growth tax reform, we can finally restore much-needed certainty to the economy and reopen America for business.

To say that President Obama and Senate Democrats have failed to lead on the most predictable economic crisis in our history would be an understatement. Senate Democrats have not been in the debate at all, failing to pass a budget for over 1,000 days. The President's most recent attempt at a budget--well, it came a week late, and it adds literally trillions of dollars to our Nation's debt.

Every American family understands the necessity of a balanced budget. Families also understand that setting a budget sometimes is difficult. It requires difficult choices. But even with accounting gimmicks and the massive tax increases, our President's budget never, ever balances. This is a void in leadership, and it has substantial consequences on real Americans all across this country.

So, today, the RSC budget represents a clear, practical way for our economy to--what?--begin to grow again. How do we do that? First, we repeal ObamaCare once and for all. Next, we cut discretionary spending, and we eliminate programs that are unconstitutional, duplicative, or harmful. Perhaps most importantly, we don't kick this can down the road and punt these tough decisions. We actually save our national safety net programs that are currently going bankrupt today.

So with these commonsense solutions and by harnessing the power of competition between private insurance plans and improving at the same time the quality of care, we put Medicare on the path to long-term solvency. This offers a real plan for the future. Today I urge all to support the Republican Study Committee substitute.

I reserve the balance of my time.


Mr. GARRETT. If there are no other speakers, then I will close with the remaining time.

Madam Chairman, as we come to the floor today, it is agreed on both sides that there is plenty of blame to go around as to how we got into this mess. Republican and Democrat on both sides of the aisle, this administration and past administrations as well are to blame. We can point fingers all day at blame, but what we should come here today to do is point the finger at the solution to this problem.

The solution is the budget that we see on the floor today. The solution is the RSC budget that we have here today on the floor. The solution is to make sure that we do on the floor today what every single family in this country and what every single business in this country has always had to do, and that is to make the tough choices, and that is to make the hard choices, and that is to live within our means, and that is to have a balanced budget.

This is the only budget that will come to the floor today that will actually do all that. This is the only budget that will come that will make sure that we actually balance--not within 50 years, 40 years, 30 years, 20 years, 10 years. We will actually balance within 5 years, and we will do so at the same time that we protect the safety net for our seniors today and in the future. We will do so at the same time that we protect our children in the future. We will do so at the same time that we make sure that we do not borrow from the future to pay the bills today.

I ask you to support the only budget that does all those things. Support the RSC budget.


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