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Butterfield Votes Against Republican Budget in an Effort to Protect Social Safety Nets


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman G. K. Butterfield (NC-01), member of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, today issued the following statement on the passage of the Republican budget:

"We are recovering from a prolonged recession that has left millions of Americans jobless, in foreclosure, and struggling to provide their families with basic needs.

"Solving these problems will require a compromise between Democrats and Republicans that would make investments in areas, such as job training, and help grow the economy while maintaining efforts to reduce our budget deficit.

"However, the Republican budget that passed the U.S. House of Representatives today does not represent compromise. In fact, it is the opposite of compromise. It cuts at least $3.3 trillion from low-income programs over the next ten years, increases the defense budget, and reduces taxes to a level that will starve the federal treasury. The Republican budget would end the Medicare guarantee, raise seniors' health care costs, and ensure that traditional Medicare withers away--undermining the retirement security of millions of America's seniors.

"The Republican budget attacks our economic problems by eroding the social safety nets that sustain seniors and so many in eastern North Carolina. These programs were created so that no one would be denied care because of their age or income level. The Republican budget would break the commitment we made to seniors and low income Americans long ago.

"I voted NO on the Republican budget, and YES on the Democratic alternative that protects seniors and low income people across North Carolina. The Democrats' alternative budget reflects the values of the American people and is based on the fundamental principles of fairness, opportunity, and prosperity for all."

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