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Protecting Access to Healthcare Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC


Mrs. ELLMERS. I thank the chairman for this opportunity to speak with my colleagues as a nurse and a wife of a general surgeon.

Mr. Chairman, IPAB was created under ObamaCare to slash Medicare spending by restricting health care services for seniors in need. Repealing IPAB will restore the doctor-patient relationship.

Mr. Chairman, when someone goes to the doctor, they reveal the most personal experiences of their lives and engage in a relationship with a dedicated health care professional who puts his or her career on the line for the purpose of making that individual whole again. Left alone, President Obama's government-knows-best mentality will force our seniors to cede this relationship to a board of unelected and unaccountable bureaucrats who will have the power over the health and the lives of millions of other Americans. Each patient is unique, and their care rests on the doctor's ability to provide the best treatments available, regardless of the cost of their liability.

One of the greatest challenges facing our Nation's health care system, including Medicare, is the rapidly rising costs. This legislation recognizes that. This legislation repairs and repeals the IPAB with commonsense medical liability reform that will save billions of dollars.

I have sat and listened to the debate today, and I have listened intently over the 2 years since ObamaCare went into effect, and I still have one question to my Democrat colleagues across the aisle: What is your solution for Medicare? We know it is not sustainable as it is now. What is your solution?

Mr. Chairman, Federal bureaucrats should not dictate to doctors how to provide care, force them to provide medication regardless of their known complications, and make them liable with no limits or protections.


Mrs. ELLMERS. We have got to move forward on malpractice reform. Our colleagues ask the question, How can malpractice be put in place at the Federal level? And yet they have put Federal health care as an issue and put control as an issue.

We must provide patients and medical professionals with the security and the safety net.


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