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Marking 2nd Anniversary of Passage of the Affordable Care Act

Floor Speech

Location: Washington, DC

Mr. CARNAHAN. Mr. Speaker, on this two year ``check up'' of the Affordable Care Act, I'd like to share with you some real life examples of how this important legislation is helping Missourians not only stay healthier personally, but improve the health of their small businesses as well.

Last week I took part in a workshop for small businesses, to help arm them with solid information on how the Act can help their bottom line. Lew Prince is a co-owner of Vintage Vinyl, a St. Louis record store. It's a landmark. He's been in business for some 30 years and he's always provided health insurance for his employees. BUT, he said for the first time EVER, his health care costs went down, went DOWN to the tune of 25 percent. With the money he saved, he was actually able to give out a few raises, and he's hired a couple of new people.

The Act has also made a difference for the Wells Family. Sharon Wells and her husband Russell have dealt with inordinate expense for his medicine for Parkinson's disease for years. Thanks to the donut hole coverage provided in the Affordable Care Act, Sharon tells me they have more money in the household budget now for groceries and gas, maybe even a movie from time to time.

Even though these are just two small examples, they contribute to the overall ripple effect of the profound difference this law is making in real people's lives all over the country. In closing, when it comes to helping Americans be more healthy, the Affordable Care Act is precisely what Americans needed. Let's not do anything to interrupt this healthy course of action.

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