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Quayle Decries President Obama's Duplicity and Weakness


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Ben Quayle released the following statement regarding President Obama's comments to Russian President Dmitry Medvedev which were caught on an open microphone. President Obama asked for "space" on the issue of missile defense until after he is reelected:

"It is hard to believe that a President of the United States could demonstrate as much duplicity, weakness and cynicism as President Obama did in his open-mic comments to President Medvedev. For the leader of the free world to communicate to another nation that he would say one thing to the American people and do another as a reelected President is absolutely stunning.

"The purpose of American missile defense is to protect America and its allies from the terror of nuclear weapons--no matter their source. The President's willingness to compromise that security in any way is a gross dereliction of duty.

"Since the President was caught on tape admitting he will say one thing and do another on a vital national security matter, I have to wonder what other issues he would shift positions on if he were elected to a second term. America needs a President that will lead with clarity and conviction. We need a leader that will negotiate from a position of strength--not a leader who will negotiate away our strengths.

"President Obama has shown that his word cannot be trusted either by the American people, or America's allies. That alone should disqualify him from the second term he hopes will liberate him from his duty to stand up for America's interests."

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