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Cantor's Leadership On JOBS Act Shows Bipartisan Solutions Are Possible

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* In September, after Obama delivered his jobs agenda to a joint session of Congress, Cantor identified areas of potential common ground in a memo circulated to colleagues. "I said immediately thereafter that there were some things that the president was talking about that we could support and that we were going to need to try to transcend differences, try and find areas where we can agree, so we can get this economy going again and get people back to work," Cantor said. "The JOBS is exactly the kind of legislation that represents where people can come together."

* In November, the House passed several proposals to reduce regulations on startup companies, including a proposal to help them pool funding from small investors, but they stalled in the Senate. Cantor broke the logjam by bundling the House bills and combining them with legislation sponsored by Sen. Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) to exempt small- and mid-sized companies from accounting and corporate governance requirements for up to five years after initial public offerings.

* Cantor brought the package to the floor quickly and it passed 390 to 23, generating enough bipartisan momentum to speed it through the upper chamber. He hatched his legislative strategy after talking with Steve Case, the founder of AOL, whom Obama tapped last year to head the Startup America Partnership. "Steve noticed that the things we were doing in the House were very much reflecting what he was thinking of doing in the president's jobs council work. I just thought in working with the various members and these bills it would be a good idea to try and drive forward," Cantor said."Since the president's jobs council -- meaning the president himself -- endorsed some of these concepts, why couldn't we try working together on these?" he added. "Bipartisanship is where you find things to agree upon and go forward."

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