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Rep. Petri Comments on House Budget Proposal


Location: Washington, DC

Congressman Tom Petri has issued the following statement:

"House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan released the House Republicans' proposed 2013 federal budget earlier today. As my initial reaction, this plan would rein in the deficit without cutting federal programs any more than necessary. It would also reform taxes in ways designed to restore strong growth to our economy. It's all a very difficult balancing act.

"The proposal would force unpleasant choices and make some people unhappy. Unfortunately, that's the way it is when you need to make serious cuts in order to wrestle the budget back to a sustainable course.

"While, according to the Congressional Budget Office, the President's proposed budget would cost $45.4 trillion over 10 years, the Republican plan would spend $5.3 trillion less.

"I note that the Senate has gone for well over a thousand days without fulfilling the legal requirement of producing a budget. It seems the Senate leadership just doesn't want to admit publicly how much they want to spend, how high they want to raise taxes, and how much of a debt burden they are willing to dump on succeeding generations.

"While the Senate's leaders try to hide their intentions, the House this year will once again go on record with a responsible budget plan. We can be proud that Wisconsin's own Congressman Paul Ryan is taking the lead as the House of Representatives makes the tough decisions necessary to control spending."

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