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Pingree Watches Supreme Court Arguments in Health Care Case


Location: Unknown

Congresswoman Chellie Pingree will be inside the courtroom today when the Supreme Court justices hear a final day of arguments over the health care reform law.

"I know some people find parts of health care reform controversial, but there are dozens of consumer protections in the law that almost everyone agrees on--things like the ban on insurance companies cancelling your coverage when you get sick or guaranteed coverage even if you have a preexisting condition. Those basic protections are on the line todayand I wanted to have the chance to hear the arguments made first hand," Pingree said.

One of the issues the court will consider today is whether the entire health care reform law--including those consumer protections--has to be thrown out if any one part of it is found to be unconstitutional.

Pingree, a strong supporter of health care reform, said she's hopeful the justices will leave the law intact.

"There are some pretty conservative justices on the court, to be sure," Pingree said. "But I hope they can see the benefit of a law that makes health care coverage available to millions more Americans and takes the decision making power out of the hands of the big insurance companies and gives it back to consumers."

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