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Statement from John Kerry on September Employment Report

Location: St. Louis, MO

October 8, 2004

Statement from John Kerry on September Employment Report

For Immediate Release

St. Louis, MO - John Kerry released the following statement today:

"Today, we received another disappointing jobs report for America's workers.

"The verdict is in: With 1.6 million private sector jobs lost during his term, President Bush will be the first President in 72 years to face the electorate with an economy that has lost jobs under his watch. Indeed, job creation is now 7 million jobs behind where the Administration projected in February 2002 our economy would now be if we followed the President's economic plan. And even the modest numbers of jobs created are paying $9,000 less than the jobs being lost, and are too often without health care and pension coverage that working families need.

"Even over this last year, our economy has failed to create even enough jobs to cover new workers coming into the job market, not to speak of the millions who are unemployed, working in part-time or temporary jobs or who have given up and dropped out.

"The President does not seem to understand how many middle class families are being squeezed by falling incomes, and spiraling health care, tuition and energy costs. His version of economic success seems to be an economy that loses 1.6 million private sector jobs instead of losing 2.6 million private sector jobs. My version of economic success is a strong economy that strengthens and expands the middle class. He believes this is the best America can do. I believe America can and will do better."

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