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Cracking Down on China's Unfair Trade Practices


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We have long known that China's unfair trade practices are hurting hard-working American families. Recent reports have highlighted the many predatory and abusive tactics employed by the Chinese to give their companies a leg up over American competition -- like unfairly subsidizing its exports, limiting our exports into their market and even coercing U.S. companies in China to hand over their technologies.

These policies have been particularly damaging to the American auto parts industry, threatening as many as 1.6 million U.S. jobs. About 75 percent of the jobs in the automotive sector are in auto parts.

China has pledged to continue with these tactics, virtually closing its market to our auto parts exports. We can't wait until further damage is done. To level the playing field for U.S. manufacturers and their workers, we need a much more aggressive and comprehensive strategy. That's why, this week, I joined 188 members of both the U.S. House and Senate in asking President Obama to use all of his power to stand up to China.

We're asking that the administration use a new unit tasked with enforcing the international rules of competition to make China its first and highest priority. I will continue to support efforts to crack down on China's harmful policies and support American jobs.

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