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Congressman Rubén Hinojosa: Statement on the Republican Budget for Fiscal Year 2013


Location: Unknown

"The Republican budget introduced today by Rep. Paul Ryan today is an example of Republicans trying to do an end run on Americans. Their budget for 2013 is a repeat of last year's budget: it once again ends the Medicare guarantee while protecting tax cuts for the wealthy. Republicans keep working to take away the rights of women, young adults, seniors, families, and children with pre-existing conditions already benefitting from the American Care Act of 2010. Their budget will put power back in the hands of insurance companies. This is not a plan to reduce the deficit in a responsible way, instead it is a plan that will slash investments in innovation, education, and infrastructure, which puts our economic recovery at risk and threatens American jobs."

"Probably the most egregious aspect of the Republican budget plan is that it strikes a blow to our most vulnerable citizens, our seniors. America has already spoken loudly and we have asked that the Medicare guarantee be kept. However, instead of strengthening Medicare, the House budget would end Medicare as we know it, turning the guarantee of retirement security into a voucher that will shift higher and higher costs to seniors over time."

"What we need is smart leadership and President Obama does have a plan, a good and solid plan. It's an approach that asks the wealthiest to pay their fair share, makes tough cuts to programs we can't afford, and it strengthens Medicare with reforms that would reduce overpayments to drug companies, improve the quality of care, and protect Medicare's commitment to America's seniors. I will continue to fight for my constituents on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. We cannot and we must not return to their failed policies. "

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