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Romney Surrogate Sununu Calls 2/3 of Conservative Voters Insignificant

Press Release

Location: Verona, PA

While appearing on the Scott Hennen radio show today, Romney surrogate John Sununu referred to anyone who doesn't support Mitt Romney as insignificant. That's a staggering statement when you consider two-thirds of voters didn't vote for Romney and half of the country still haven't voted. Even more, this comes on the heels of Santorum's 11th state victory and sweeping double-digit win in the Louisiana Primary.

When asked about the state of the 2012 GOP race, Sununu said, "Everybody in the Republican Party of significance understands this is over except for Rick Santorum."

Listen to the audio clip:

Rick Santorum said, "This elitist pattern on the part of the Romney campaign to dismiss anyone who may not be part of the establishment is the reason a majority of the party is rejecting him. Half the country hasn't even voted yet. Quite frankly, it's disturbing to hear that the Romney camp feels those people who support someone else are insignificant - and that goes for the millions of people who have not voted yet."

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