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Buerkle Supports Ryan Budget Resolution

Press Release

Location: Washington, DC

Today, Representative Ann Marie Buerkle (NY-25) supported passage of a budget resolution in the House of Representatives which challenged the President's budget proposal. House Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan's Path to Prosperity was advanced by the House with a vote of 228-191.

The House of Representatives has debated spending levels and policy reform this week to determine the Federal government's fiscal policy for FY 2013. Last night, the President's budget proposal was offered in the House and failed by a vote of 0-414. "The American people have rejected the President's agenda which has placed this country on a disastrous path. Now, even members of his own party have turned their back on his budget proposal which does nothing more than tax and spend."

In addition to Chairman Ryan's budget, Rep. Buerkle also lent her support to a budget proposal by Rep. Scott Garrett and a bipartisan budget proposal by Rep. Jim Cooper. "I will support any proposal that puts our nation on a path of fiscal responsibility. The President's budget taxes more and spends more while ignoring the deficit. Chairman Ryan and Reps. Garrett and Cooper have looked at our current fiscal policies and put forward plans which address our nation's debt and deficit.

"Congress must act to strengthen this nation. This is accomplished when we stop spending money we do not have and when we improve the social safety nets so that they remain viable for our children and our grandchildren. We must be vigilant in correcting current mistakes in our budget. Rep. Cooper's budget proposal finds a solution for the current imbalance created by the Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) that has been looming over the reimbursement of our physicians."

The House passed budget resolutions will now move over to the Senate, which has failed to consider or pass a budget resolution in over three years.

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